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  • Abracadazzler Shaker Mix by White Rose Crafts - Tutankhamun's Treasure

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    This beautiful mix is full of gold, iridescent gold, white and shades of blue lapis lazuli - the most treasured stone in Ancient Egypt, and beloved by the Pharoahs in their floaty white garb, bedecked in gold... The mauvy-pink sequins you see in some of the  picture are actually a pearly, iridescent white that refuses to cooperate with the camera!

    Approximately two teaspoonfuls in every shaker mix pack.

    So much more than sequins! Our shaker mixes are lovingly selected and blended by hand, and each one is its own unique combination of both cupped and flat sequins, thin fimo slices, tiny plastic gems, seed beads, pearly beads, and the thinnest, tiniest metallic confetti.